B&T VP9 Suppressed 9mm Welrod Pistol

B&T VP9 Suppressed 9mm Welrod Pistol | b&t vp9 gun available to be purchased Available In Stock
The B&T VP9 is impacted by the weld gun utilized by the OSS, the VP9 was initially intended to be a basic, solid, concealable, and eventually calm gun for furtive activities. This super tranquil 5-round gun is a definitive hushed stage. b&t vp9 gun is available to be purchased. Buy B&T VP9 Suppressed 9mm Welrod Pistol online.

Both gun and silencer were grown at the same time to deliver the calmest 9mm gun conceivably. The VP9 accompanies two silencers. One made of aluminum for the purpose of preparing and a second live silencer with replaceable confounds for field use. Along the barrel openings have been bored allowing gases to escape into the extension chamber, delivering the gases so the round that is being terminated never arrives at supersonic speed even with standard ammo. This delivers a commotion level as low as 129dB when utilizing standard 124 grain NATO ammo. This noise decrease can be additionally diminished by as much as 4dB by utilizing subsonic ammo. This commotion is equivalent to a vehicle entryway shutting. b&t vp9 welrod

Type: 9mm
Trigger: SA/DA with ability to use both hands decocker
Framework: Welrod, Repeating Action
Activity: Single Shot
Length: 285mm/11.22in
Width: 35 mm/1.37 inches
Tallness: 114 mm/4.48 inches (counting magazine)
Barrel Length: 50 mm/1.96 inches
Weight: 0.9 kg/1.98 lbs
Sights: Open Sights
Limit: 5 rounds

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