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What Are Launchers

  • A grenade launcher is a weapon that fires a specially-designed large-caliber projectile, often with an explosive, smoke, or gas warhead. Today, the term generally refers to a class of dedicated firearms firing unitary grenade cartridges.
  • Rocket launchers can be used to attack vehicles, including helicopters, tanks, and trucks. They can also be used against personnel and materiel. A multitude of rocket types exists for various potential targets, including anti-infantry, anti-structure, and anti-tank.

Effective Protection From 150 Feet

  • Our industry-leading launchers give you the accuracy and effectiveness you need to safely complete your mission even at long distances and in tight situations. From compact lightweight pistols that fit comfortably on a standard duty belt to versatile AR-style weapons that ensure you always have a tactical edge, there’s a  launcher designed to protect you in almost any situation.
  • Effective at up to 150 feet, our launchers provide incredible versatility including adjustable velocity, dual feed systems, multiple air sources, and a wide range of compatible projectiles. However your agency utilizes your launchers, you’ll always know you have the ultimate non-lethal protection.

Where can buy a gun or a firearm launcher?

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